Vivian Street Gospel Hall

163 Vivian Street, Wellington, New Zealand

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Image courtesy of imagebase.davidniblack.comThe Gospel Service   Sunday 7-8pm

We start this service with a time of singing, then there are a few announcements and a prayer.  For the rest of the meeting a pre-arranged speaker preaches the Gospel message.

The Gospel is the good news that God loves all people, has made a way for all to be saved from the penalty of their sins, to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to one day dwell with Him in Heaven.

After the meeting, all are warmly invited to stay behind for supper and a chance to talk with others.  If you have any questions then there will be people there who will be happy to help answer them.

If you do not regularly attend church meetings then we suggest that this is the most suitable meeting to come to.   All are welcome.

The Breaking of Bread Meeting   Sunday 10:30am-12pm

In the first part of the service, there is opportunity for every man in the congregation who loves the Lord to offer praise, a Bible reading or announce a hymn appropriate to the service, as he feels guided by God's Spirit.  We do not have a Pastor or Minister leading the service.

Later in the service, we celebrate "the Lord's Supper" or "Communion", when, after a prayer of thanksgiving, some plates with a loaf of bread broken on them are passed around, followed by some cups of wine.  To all who have accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, these are precious symbols reminding us of all Christ did for us through His life and death.

We ask that if you have not accepted Christ as your Saviour, or if you do not regularly take the bread or wine in another church, that when they are passed to you, you just pass them on to the next person without taking the bread and wine yourself.

A collection is taken up after the Lord's Supper, but please do not feel that you must make a donation.

After the collection has been taken, there will usually be some Bible teaching or encouragement from the Bible given.  (During this time, Sunday School is held in the back room and children are welcome to attend this.)  This will be followed by some announcements and a closing prayer.  All are welcome.

Sunday School   Sunday 11:15am-12pm

Sunday School is in an adjacent room and runs during the last part of the Breaking of Bread meeting, while the adults are listening to the Bible teaching.

Sunday School starts with a prayer, then a Bible story is read out and explained. After that the children usually draw pictures or make crafts related to the story.

Children of all ages are welcome.

The Prayer and Bible Study Meeting   Tuesday 7:30-9pm

The meeting opens with a prayer and a hymn. Some announcements are made, then letters from missionaries and others involved in Christian works are read out.

Then the meeting is opened up for men to publicly pray. These prayers could be for missionaries, Christian works or workers, the local Church members and activities, or about other things.

About 40 minutes into the meeting, the speaker then reads the allocated passage from the Bible, then for the remainder of the meeting the speaker explains in detail what the passage teaches.

Over a 10 year period we aim to study every book in the Bible, chapter by chapter, usually covering one or two chapters each week.

The meeting closes with a prayer.  All are welcome.